EDI expertise and Traceability


A Software As A Service platform supporting all your exchanges EDI/EAI

  • Multi-communication protocols (AS2, SMTP, FTP, etc.) and value-added Networks if needed
  • Multi-standards of data formatting supported (EDIFACT, XML Cefact, X11, etc.).
  • Architecture with redundancy of equipments, based on two identical datacenters
  • Activity Recovery Plan
  • Internet in multi-homing mode based on the best networks (Global Crossing, Téléglobe, AboveNet, Cable and Wireless, peering FreeIX, Packages Exexchange)
  • Each datacenter fed by two lines and clusters linked to separated routers
  • Anti-intrusion security (video surveillance and alarms 24 X 7, retinal recognition, etc.)
  • Fire protection (VESDA and FM200 systems)
  • 24/7 Power supply (autonomy of 72 hours)
  • Air-conditioning and humidity control

PREDELL ON DEMAND is a complet EDI service:

  • Tracking (MSGTRACKER) for a total functional view of the exchanged data
  • Alarming allowing to configurate warnings on exceptions (errors, abnormal data volumes, etc.)
  • Level 1 Maintenance: monitoring, performance optimization, users support
  • Level 2 Maintenance: evolutions to be applied to the business processes and requiring an intervention of our technical or functional experts
  • Level 3 Maintenance: evolutions requiring an update of the solution itself

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