EDI expertise and Traceability

Business Requirements definition

According to the met problem (regulations, operating efficiency, need of traceability, etc.) and the level of the objectives to achieve, PREDELL’s team applies approaches adapted to each situation to guide the decision-makers and the future users of the company in the formulation of their needs.

For the EDI deployment of suppliers’ communities, the needs can concern the functionalities  to cover, the existing constraints the companies face to, the modalities of communication, the respect of the road map, the deployment follow-up, etc.

For any project of EDI/EAI or Traceability, a BRD (Business Requirements Document) is indispensable to:

  • Allow all the internal players to formalize consensually their needs
  • Establish a reference document towards the external players (persons receiving providers and partners of exchanges)

It leans on the expressed needs, the consideration of the current situation. It also allows to conceive a target solution regarding to:

  • The data flow to be exchanged (nature, volume, communication protocol)
  • The interfaces to put in place with the ERP
  • The operation processes
  • All the constraints to cope with

For a Traceability solution, the BRD includes the following items:

  • Description of the objects to trace (individual or batches)
  • The identification of these objects (type of codification, respect of globol or sectorial standards)
  • Method of marking (barcodes, Datamatrix, RFID, etc.)
  • EDI for traceability data exchanges according to chosen standards
  • Business processes to update
  • Traceability data management (locally and centrally)
  • Information restitution relating to objects, events, ascending and descending traceability

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