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Fluid processes thanks to the EDI

By making have a dialogue information systems directly between them, all the commercial acts between customers and suppliers are more quickly made, without typing errors and with more safety. Leaning on international standards, electronic data interchange (EDI) offers numerous performance and economy levers

The Traceability, one "more" became a necessity

To keep the track of all the components, quite the transformations, all the additions, all the movements of a product or a batch of product since the first stages of its manufacturing until the sale to the consumer. Today, the traceability does not limit itself to the company, it applies to its whole industry. Where from, a need for standards and technological means making the traceability system interoperable. The stakes are considerable: economic impacts in case of incident, image of the company or the industry even health of the consumers.

We propose you:

A coverage of your projects
whatever their stage of progress.
A strong expertise
in realization of specifications, definition, implementation and maintenance of solutions of EDI / EAI and Traceability.
Solutions adapted
to your needs.
An effective project management
thanks to mastered methods.